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Unwritten Rules of P.h.D Research

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i find these ocassionally from my social network, i note down here just to remind me from time to time. Keep this deep in mind, and i hope,only with a little more effort and careness, i will get a much more happier interation with supervisor in my master time and my whole career.

  1. Be honest.
  2. Be articulate: say what you mean and what you need.
  3. Be informative: keep the supervisor informed.
  4. Be respective.
  5. Be adult: i.e. responsible for yourself.

In chinese correspondingly, they are:

1、 诚实。





  • Quote from book “Unwritten Rules of P.h.D Research”

Great experience with ICSM 2016

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six days conference with  up to date results from some really outstanding researchers around the world, this is a really great experience for young students like me. active discussion, exquisite presentation as well as the organizers’ hospitality, these all leave me a deep impression and I believe, will bring me further, towards those I cherish and admire.

Many thanks, Guangzhou and those working behind, thanks very much.

  • baiyun international conference center, Guangzhou


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  • 读百合博客有感