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Keep Moving, Do not Settle

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Depression stun me after a little survey on Internet about master project application in singapore or other countries. Life is hard, as it always was . Future glooms and life seems like mud with me stranded inside.

Temporary depression  may mislead me to pessimism and exaggeration. Road ahead has never been  straight and flat,choice is limited and opportunities pass in a twinkling, meanwhile traps can be anywhere. Keep a cool head and keep moving, do not settle.

Listen, Speak, Read and Write

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Listening, speaking, reading and writing, four fundamental component in either language, deserve our equal attention and daily practise.

For a foreign language learner having no opportunity of a foreign language context, plentiful of effort should be made when it comes to improve ourself in each component mentioned above. Everday practise is a good idea and as the proverb goes “practise makes perfect”, after wasting plenty of time in building up my vocabulary with little practical application in speaking or writing, i come to the realization that i can never claim capacity of a language without a balanced command of four different compound. I have been really unfamiliar with any exam oriented composition after years of neglect, in contrast with the fact that academic reading has yet been part of my daily work.

Now is the chance for me to start a new sheet for my english practice, rebalance the four aspects and polish up my listening, speaking and especially my writing. Speaking practise with those famous words that ever changed the world no matter historic speech or papers  which proved to be milestones in my research area, and note here of my random thoughts, these would all be good habits which would lead me to a fluent english speaker rather more efficiently than ever before.


Profession Spirit

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Profession not only means to be good at your working area, but also an awareness to do the right thing at the right place,which i believe cann’t be achieved without a good habit of time management as well as a persistent pursuit of working efficiency.

To me, Be professional, and work is work, while Life is still life.

Unwritten Rules of P.h.D Research

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i find these ocassionally from my social network, i note down here just to remind me from time to time. Keep this deep in mind, and i hope,only with a little more effort and careness, i will get a much more happier interation with supervisor in my master time and my whole career.

  1. Be honest.
  2. Be articulate: say what you mean and what you need.
  3. Be informative: keep the supervisor informed.
  4. Be respective.
  5. Be adult: i.e. responsible for yourself.

In chinese correspondingly, they are:

1、 诚实。





  • Quote from book “Unwritten Rules of P.h.D Research”

Great experience with ICSM 2016

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six days conference with  up to date results from some really outstanding researchers around the world, this is a really great experience for young students like me. active discussion, exquisite presentation as well as the organizers’ hospitality, these all leave me a deep impression and I believe, will bring me further, towards those I cherish and admire.

Many thanks, Guangzhou and those working behind, thanks very much.

  • baiyun international conference center, Guangzhou