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Life is an adventure?

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On the face of it, it might sounds youthful and vigorous to claim that life is an adventure. Indeed, in some ways, life is always an adventure. “Life is like a box of chocolate, you will never know what you get next.” A vivid metaphor echoed in the film “Forrest Gump” which is engraved on many people’s mind. Uncertainty is a magic of life just like the forbidden fruit which have induced generations of people set their sail for the unknown, in which the adventure spirit of human is deeply rooted.

On the one hand, Adventure widen one’ horizon. In some sense, exploring the world is also exploring ourselves. People come to the realization what they want and cherish deep down in their heart during the journey.while on the other hand, depth matters too as breadth do. Professionals experienced in one field are always well received in modern soceity with a high degree of division. Adventure calls for an unsettled heart always longing for unknown in contrast with a focused mind sinking down to its work.

So, what i want to see is that life is an adventure? To be more accurately, life is sometimes an adventure. In many cases, you need to get your heart off something or somewhere far away and get down to some small but signficant problems at hand.

Find the Meaning of Life

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Emptiness can be extremely torturous sometimes, partly the result of the associated surge of lust and obession, which is often the case. Just like the old saying, an evil chance seldom comes alone.



Lust and obsession

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Lust and obsession, two nightmares intruding into my life from time to time,never miss the chance to gain its destructive to a higher degree during my recovery from bodily weakness.

Bloody lessons lead to an acute awareness: Health is the most important wealth. A healthy body is a prerequisite to a healthy life, let’s working towards them.



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Fickleness really hurt, hurt one’s ability to focus, and consequently undermine depth of his sensiblity. When it comes to work, fickleness deprives people of the feeling of immersion and dedication, and as a result ruins the potential enjoyment of  the work. As for daily life, fickleness constrain us from the deep-seated meaning of life. Young people lacking of good education tend to be the victim, leading to unreasoning and extremism.

The point to be stressed is that fickleness can be even more devastating with your health at a bad condition, a bloody lesson from my own personal experience.

Grow up

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It has never been easy to put my messed thoughts into shape. But i do believe longing for growing up and self-improvement will never fade away in my heart.

I am very much a loner which I couldn’t deny with sufferring of solitary and consequently feeling of emptiness and depression from time to time.

Finding my love and also finding myself, these two concept , always connected closely with each other , often resound in my head in these four years of self-education and self-improvement. And i hope they will also light up the way ahead.


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Basic respect and human rights should be guareenteed for everyone in this society, no matter shabby migrant workers or relatively pampered citizens.

while roaming around our districts at afternoon, i overheard part of discussion between two maintenance worker like passerbyes and it seems like they were complaining about the rudeness and insolence of the householder when met with any little problem. The little episode brought me deep in thought and it reminded me of the historic declaration of equailty and human rights, as have been clearly demonstrated in ‘ the Declaration of Independence ‘, and  i quoted here :’ We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator  with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

With the increase of age and experimence, Equality and freedom gain growing weight in my heart and i couldn’t agree more for the crucial role of basic respect and humanity in daily social activities.


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Home means a lot, comfortable bed, delicate food, television in company with a soft sofa and many other more.

Feeling of happiness fill my heart the moment i am writing down the words here with please and gratitude. Gentle breeze sweep out the summer heat after a sudden rainstorm in the morning. The washing machine busy cleaning the clothes changed out tonight makes a peaceful sound. Everything seems fine and delightful.

Home is a warm harbor. It will always be the most solid backing of the adventurer and the strongest assurance of peace and blessing.